pacific concrete

Museum of Anthropology at UBC

The Pacific Northwest has a very specific architectural feeling to it.

Dark wet concrete, sometimes pitted and rusty from the sea air, seems at home against the rippled grey sky. The damp greens and browns of parks and public spaces are a natural contrast against the monochrome palette of giant cement staircases poured over the hilly landscape. Extremely comfortable ergonomic shoes on a really hard surface.



the truck exhaust gender reveal party

I can’t stop watching these videos. They illustrate the present era of participatory media better than anything else I’ve seen; how social media encourages us to make an event out of everything. They are America’s last grasps at two absolutes it has relied on: gender rigidity and the internal combustion engine.



ideas for human evolution

  • bigger ass to handle sitting at computer all day
  • smaller ears to block out dissent and diversity of ideas
  • foam layer in skull to cushion inevitable blunt force trauma and prevent the ensuing brain damage
  • larger middle finger on dominant hand for emphasis

This will be a continually updated list.

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